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Joy and happiness is everywhere

Positive Thinking
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You see it every day: The news is filled with negativity. Every time you turn around, someone or something is telling you that you can't do it, that we'll destroy ourselves, that the world is fundamentally bad, that we're born on this earth to experience pain and suffering, that pain and suffering is the only thing happening out there, that the human race isn't worth saving, that we're doomed to repeat history, that we'll never evolve, that you'll never, ever succeed, that you're worthless as an individual.

To this, I say, BULLSHIT.

I fundamentally believe that the world is filled with a million times more joy and happiness than pain and suffering. While the joys may be small, they outweigh the negatives out there... and I believe any experience can be looked at with positive aspects.

People tell me that only thinking positively is unrealistic. I challenge them, and you, to tell me why. Why is thinking positively unrealistic? Is it any more realistic to only think negatively? If I have a choice to do one or the other, WHY would I choose to think in a way that only makes me sad, lonely or depressed?

This community is about self-discovery. I welcome anyone who wishes to grow through focusing on the positive. This community is about proving that there is joy all around you, and that you have the ability to grasp it.

If you join, I invite you to post about joy and happiness. Post about something positive that you did today ("I walked to the store instead of driving!"), post about something nice that happened to you or someone you know ("An old friend looked me up!") or post about something wonderful happening in your community, someone else's community or around the world ("This group is helping teens get off the street!")

Post whatever you feel like posting. Poetry, pictures, art, links to websites, cheesy things, fun things, whatever makes you happy.

Standard rules apply: No negative posts, trolls will NOT be tolerated for any reason, and if you're mean to people in any way, you will be warned once and then banned. If you're posting more than one picture, PLEASE put it behind a cut.

Moderator of this community is bluejupiter. Any questions, please ask!